Vital Strength & Fitness has only one sort of person in mind. Professional Athletes. This unique gym wasn’t set up to help people loose a little bit of weight, or look good for their wedding. It’s sole purpose is to help serious athletes who want to break their personal best or train harder than the other team.

The new look is an evolution on their already existing brand. The old logo was a large ‘V’ above the word vital. By transforming this V into the silhouette of a person it helped keep brand recognition while taking the image to a whole new level. The person in the logo appears to throwing their hands in the air as if they are about to run through a finishing tape first, which is something Vital Strength and Finish is there to help you achieve.

The type treatment of Vital Strength and Fitness was also changed as the company is looking to branch out into merchandise. By having the wording a strong, yet simple symbol on its own, allows it to be easily transferred to any medium.

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