Cathay Pacific wanted to not only to help travellers reach their destinations, but help them better understand it, so they can make the most out of their trip. With this in mind, the idea for an online portal called “Insiders” was born. By teaming up with Lonely Planet we were able to link people with a huge online community and have people learn and contribute information about their experiences. This idea grew to include all sorts of information travellers were looking for, from galleries, to online polls, reviews, and even music of the region. 

As sites like Trip Advisor started to emerge we noticed that the users of the portal changed. We noticed that the majority of people coming to the site were looking for travel agents and guides. Again, we decided to team up with major players in that particular field. We evolved the site and managed to help people find travel agents who would take them to their destinations with an airline they trust, Cathay Pacific.

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