Muzi Tea

Ever had a dream but no money to make it come true? Well, this is where DreamBank wants to help. DreamBank was a start-up company looking for a way to help people raise the funds to get the things they always wanted. By setting up a website that is part social network and part online bank we were able to let people post their dreams. People could set up a profile and post their dreams It could be anything from a new pair of shoes to cutting world hunger. Dreams would have an end goal of a target financial amount which friends or complete strangers, could help them achieve by contributing. As an added incentive to donate, all interest earnt by your donation would be donated to a charity of your choice.

When a small green tea shop in Vancouver is looking to become a national entity, a few moulds needed to be broken. Luckily Muzi Tea had already dome some of the hard work before walking in the door. They had managed to create a product line and a strong brand, but had no way to distribute or promote it. The best solution, a large yet simple e-commerce site. The site design was extremely important. The site had to be clean, simple and as minimalistic as possible. A real challenge when you are building a massive online store. Rather than just trying to fit our design over the top of a pre-built solution, we decided to custom build one of our own. This allowed us to rethink every interaction the user would be having with the Muzi brand. The end result was a powerhouse online store with a beautifully minimalistic aesthetic.
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